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Bugs, Insects, Stick Bug, Beetles, Millipedes, Mantis, Orchid Mantis, Jungle Nymph, Phyllium celebicum,  Celebes Leaf Insect, Spiny leaf insect, Stick Insects

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Experience an array of impressive insects and invertebrates from around the world

Tiny creatures from all around the globe are some of the latest residents to call Victoria Butterfly Gardens home. The new Insectarium exhibit opened in February 2017 and has an array of insects and invertebrates in a vibrant jungle-like setting.

With something for all ages to enjoy, the Insectarium may send shivers up your spine while you learn about all things buggy.

Admission included in your Victoria Butterfly Gardens ticket.

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Great for all ages...a must-do
when visiting Victoria
— Trip Advisor

Take Up-close photography of insects in an enclosure replicating their native environment.

Learn about how the insects survive in nature; by utilizing amazing traits such as camouflage, mimicry and intimidation.


Witness the complex social behaviour of a full live Leaf Cutter Ant colony as they transport food and debris around their habitat.

Admission included in your Victoria Butterfly Gardens ticket. Upgrade your visit to an Annual Pass for unlimited visits all year round.

Meet some of the insectarium inhabitants

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