We’re proud of the steps we’re taking to decrease our carbon footprint on our planet and we look forward to constantly improving our green practices as best we can.

If you ask any of our staff, they will agree that it is an honour to work for a company who values environmental sustainability and the well being of our planet!

— Kurtis Herperger Gardens Manager Truffles Group Sustainability Representative (VBG)

Certified Green


We're proud to attain the highest certification level from the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification Program.

Being certified means that we are actively involved in measuring our operational performance while identifying opportunities to improve it and take action.



Green Scene


All of our animals are rescues, donations, or adoptions. We do not purchase animals from the exotic pet trade, nor do we reproduce any. In our view, the world does not need anymore captive tropical animals that are difficult to care for properly and have the potential to live for many decades.

Prior to accepting an animal into our gardens, we follow an in-depth set of credentials to ensure the continued success, safety, and well-being of our existing population. 



Historically, we have mainly imported most of our butterfly stock from Costa Rica and Asia. We are now reproducing a good portion of certain species on site by growing host plants in the gardens.

Increasing our butterfly population decreases the amount of packaging and energy involved in shipping these amazing creatures. It also means you're able to witness the full life cycle of the butterfly and moth in their natural habitats.


In a garden the size of ours it's impossible to have no plant pests, as they're a natural part of an ecosystem. When we do have a population increase in a certain pest species, we introduce beneficial insects that eat or parasitize the unwanted pests until the population is back under control. We even have tiny button quails working for us running around and eating ants and unwanted soil pests.

Coins from our wishing well get donated to rotating charities.

Coins from our wishing well get donated to rotating charities.

Community Program

We believe giving back to community groups contributes to the betterment of Vancouver Island and its residents.

With your help, every month we donate to a featured local non-profit through our wishing well fundraising program. Look the COMMUNITY CORNER sign on your next visit to the gardens to find out how you can help us make a difference in our communities.

2019 Community Partners

In 2018, you have helped us raise over $28,000!
(for our local community partners across our group of companies)

Donation and Community Partner Applications

Please visit The Truffles Group Culture Page for all requests.

*Please note: our 2019 monthly Community program has been filled and we are now accepting applications for 2020.

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