"Never Fails!"
This is not my first visit here, each visits just get better. They have added a bunch more animals, like the parrots, tortoises and the iguana, which freaked me out cos it kept looking at me, lol and it seemed every time I went to look at it it turned and watched me. However another good visit.

Reviewed Aug 10, 2014

Jungle Creatures

Our jungle is carefully controlled to maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity for all of our plants and animals. Many of these animals are rescued or donated from institutions and individuals, as housing tropical animals unfortunately isn't always possible in the long term.

From our tiny button quail to our largest parrot all of our birds are free flying and no cages are used to display them. There are also free range tree frogs, wall lizards and geckos that call our gardens home. Our pond also has many different kinds of tropical fish, where they have over 15,000 gallons of water to swim around in.

Watch some of our jungle creatures...

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Learning Centre

The Sulcata tortoise is native to parts of northern Africa and is the third largest species of tortoise, the largest being the famous Galapagos tortoise and the second largest being the Aldabra tortoise from the Seychelles islands off the eastern coast of Africa.

The Sulcata tortoise can easily reach 80 to 110 pounds (36-50 kg) and the largest on record was a 54 year old male resident of the Giza Zoological Gardens in Egypt, who weighed in at 232 pounds (105.5 kg).

Sulcata tortoises don't drink water, and instead get most of their water through the food they eat.