The gardens & INsectarium

A Vibrant Jungle Experience

Victoria Butterfly Gardens offers a unique opportunity for people of all ages to experience the beauty and curiosity of a tropical jungle up close. As you wander through, we want you to meet our family. With surprises at every turn, you’ll encounter poison dart frogs, tortoises, large iguanas, flamingos, tropical ducks, free flying tropical birds and more. We house a large variety of tropical fish swimming in our serene pond and stream circulated by a stunning waterfall. Thousands of tropical butterflies (up to 70 species) fly through our large facilities the size of almost 3 basketball courts. Stroll through and marvel at our lush gardens including tropical flowers, carnivorous plants and fruits of the world. Enjoy our newest Exhibit, the Insectarium. Experience impressive insects & invertebrates from around the world. Your jungle adventure awaits.

Conveniently located just five minutes from the world-famous Butchart Gardens, Victoria Butterfly Gardens offers a fun and educational experience for the whole family. With our ever-changing tropical rain forest environment, there is always something new for everyone of all ages to discover.

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Meet some of the creatures, gardens species and insectarium residents

Butterflies yes; but a whole lot more! Both interesting and fun along with the unexpected: parrots, turtles, fish plus a whole host of beautiful flowers and friendly, knowledgeable staff always willing to assist and inform you. Do take your friends and family here.
— 5 Stars - Reviewed June 2016



our animals

Learn the story behind some of our favourites and find out how they arrived in our gardens.

Plant catalogue

Learn about and identify some of the rare and beautiful plant species in our gardens.

Butterfly guide

Discover some of the butterfly species in our gardens and identify by name and markings.

INSECT gallery

Identify the impressive insects and invertebrates that have found home in our expanded jungle.